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Feasible Lawsuit: California Workers Compensation Lawsuit

California workers’ compensation is paid to a worker when that worker can no longer execute the duties essential of his or her employment due to an on-the-job accident. Some workers might have unreasonably been denied their workers’ compensation benefits or …


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LAS VEGAS — The winner of the final debate amongst Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News. His overall performance came at a welcome time for the beleaguered network, …

Will California Labor Lawsuit Bite Apple Earnings?

San Diego, CAA California labor class action lawsuit involving current and former Apple personnel over nine years just commenced in California.

The Apple California Labor Code Class Action Suit, filed October 16, 2016, contains more than 20,000 class members. The …


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Even as the country recoils, justifiably, from the prospect of Donald Trump threatening not to respect the election results, let us not drop sight of the mounting evidence of Trump’s mistreatment of ladies — and …

Prospective Lawsuit: California Donning & Doffing Lawsuit News & Legal Details

California workers have filed lawsuits alleging they are not correctly paid for time spent donning and doffing security gear, unique uniforms, or other clothing needed for their jobs. In addition to placing on and taking off perform gear, such wage …

Donald Trump stated ominously Wednesday evening that Hillary Clinton “has been proven to be a liar.” Clinton may have played loose on some details at the final debate, but as usual, Trump presented a actually virtuosic lesson in evading the

IVC Filters a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ for Canadian Individuals

Courtice, ONRetrievable inferior vena cava filters (IVC filter) are yet an additional instance of an otherwise promising health-related device with a definitive dark side: they can fail whilst implanted in the physique with typically disastrous consequences. Created to be removed

What Twitter Pundits Are Saying About the Final Presidential Debate
161019_POL_Twitter-Clinton-Trump-Debate-FBHillary Clinton, Donald Trump.

Photo illustration by Slate. Pictures by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Pictures, Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

161019_POL_Twitter-Clinton-Trump-DebateHillary Clinton, Donald Trump.

Photo illustration by Slate. Images by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Photos, Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

Just put, Donald Trump

Taxotere Hair Loss: “It’s Devastating”

Montreal, PQWith taxotere hair loss lawsuits now centralized and consolidated in Louisiana, it is apparent the courts are viewing the Taxotere hair loss file as 1 that may be about for some time, given allegations of permanent hair loss by

Barack Obama Is Coming to a Statehouse Near You
US President Barack Obama speaks February 27, 2009 at Goettge Memorial Field House in Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, North Carolina. President Barack Obama speaks on Feb. 27, 2009, at Goettge Memorial Field Home in Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, North Carolina.

Mandel Ngan/Getty Photos

Barack Obama is a reasonably well-liked politician, itself really an accomplishment in the Age of No