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The best two Republicans in Congress mentioned they are open to altering legislation that enables lawsuits against foreign governments that sponsor terrorism — a stance expressed less than 24 hours after lawmakers voted to override …

Potential Lawsuit: California Medical Malpractice Lawsuit News & Legal Info

California medical malpractice claims are made against physicians or other healthcare professionals or organizations whose common of care fails to meet an acceptable level. When the normal of care falls and a patient suffers harm as a outcome, a California

Weapon of Self-Destruction
trump iraq war.

Photo illustration by Slate. Image by Patrick Baz/Getty Photos and John Moore/Getty Images.

In 1995, when Michael Kinsley approached Microsoft with the concept that would turn out to be Slate, the Republican Celebration had occupied the White Home

Possible Lawsuit: Veterans PTSD

About 20 % of war veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan encounter some degree of veterans PTSD (Post Traumatic Tension Disorder) as a result of getting been witness to, or straight impacted by, attack, ambush, severe injury or death. …


Story Stream

current articles

Very good morning, it is Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Properly, that was an uncomfortable spectacle. Only two far more debates to go, three if you count Tim Kaine’s October 4 face-off with Mike Pence in …

Santa Clara, CA: Additional to recall final year of Johnson &amp Johnson’s Physiomesh, the 1st defective items lawsuits are getting ready to go to trial. Physiomesh, a hernia repair product, was recalled due to higher failure prices and the fact …

How to Beat Trump in a Debate

Photo illustration by Slate. Images by Scott Olson/Getty Images (2), Alex Wong/Getty Images.


Effectively debating Donald Trump is the hardest issue that must be an effortless thing in our world right now, proper up there with beating Donald Trump

Customers Hit with Enormous Universal Life Premiums Join Class Action

Los Angeles, CARip off is a harsh term, although one plaintiffs embroiled in Life Insurance Rip Off lawsuits use with total comfort. At the very least, customers holding universal life insurance policies presently facing massive price increases are stuck with

The Official Lie
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump states that he believes President Obama was born in the United States, during a campaign event with veterans at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, September 16, 2016. Donald Trump states that he believes President Obama was born in the United States at the Trump International Hotel on Sept. 16, 2016, in Washington D.C.

Tom Williams/Getty Photos

It’s a strange feeling to watch one particular person lie with

Alere Inaccuracies might lead to Legal Action

Dallas, TXNow that the blood-testing device known as Alere INRatio is identified to trigger misreadings, attorneys are starting to focus on blood thinner-related injuries. And there may possibly be legal action against Alere, the manufacturer.

As well, an investigation regarding …